Borrowing & Fees

Loan Periods (aka How long can I keep this?)

New Books: 14 days
Mobile Hotspots: 14 days
Books: 28 days
Audiobooks: 28 days
Videos: 14 days
Videogames: 14 days
Magazines: 14 days
eBooks: 14 days
eAudiobooks: 14 days

Fees (aka Oops, I forgot this was due!)

Overdue Charges for WTPL items
$.10 per day per item (maximum fines are $5.00 per item).  $5.00 per day for Museum Passes and Mobile Hotspots.

Lost or Damaged Charges
Replacement costs are charged.

Charges for materials from other libraries may vary.

Material may be renewed twice with the exception of material with holds, as well as museum passes, mobile hotspots, & videogames.